Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Top 10 Tuesday

This week's Top 10 Tuesday is a joint effort from me and Kat. We compiled a list of the Top Ten staples in our pantries. This list reflects a few healthy foods that we always have on hand. One thing we always tell our patients is don't keep tons of junk food in your house. Why tempt yourself? We want to make sure that if we have a craving for something sweet or salty, we have something healthy on standby.

And here we go!

#10 Sugar-free Mixes
My choice is Fruit Punch Crystal Light. Mmm... I love that stuff! I even sent some to my sister-in-law when I sent her a special care package. Kat prefers an Arizona Tea (honestly, I can't remember the name of it!) Maybe Kat will edit it in later. Bottom line, they're both ways to make sure we get enough water without drinking a bunch of calories.

#9 Mandarin Oranges in Juice
I like mine plain, but Kat likes to mix hers in some low fat cottage cheese. You could even use them in an Asian salad.

#8 Sugar Free Pudding
Who doesn't love pudding?! Sugar free chocolate pudding with some fat free whip cream is a quick, easy dessert that will satisfy any sweet tooth craving. Kat has sugar free pudding with her lunch 90% of the time. And I'm sure the other 10% of the time can be attributed to days when she just doesn't pack her lunch.

#7 Diet A&W Root Beer
A lot of the time, especially on Fridays, Kat and I have a little snack and usually it's a healthy mix of protein and carbs to tide our hunger until dinner time. But sometimes, when we want something sweet, we grab some Diet A&W Root Beer from the cafeteria and that does the trick! I don't know what's in it, but it really takes away our craving for sweets!

#6 Justin's Chocolate Almond/Hazelnut Butter
I can't believe we just discovered this a couple of weeks ago! When I spread in on my Double Fiber Bread (see #4), I swear I'm eating bread and chocolate frosting! Yum! And they come in little packets, so the portion is easier to control.

#5 Fiber One Bars
Just like with Justin's Almond Butter, we love Fiber One Bars. They're chewy and crunchy and sweet. Plus they have 9 grams of fiber per bar (or at least the Oats & Caramel flavor does; it's my fave!). They remind me of eating Kudos Bars way back in the day. Anyone else remember those? Do they even make them still?

#4 Nature's Own Double Fiber Bread
I know Kat doesn't really like to bring sandwiches for lunch, but every once in awhile I'll go on a kick and take sandwiches for weeks (usually when I end up making my gazillion-th batch of Paula Deen chicken salad . . .) and I love this stuff because it has 5 grams of fiber and only 50 calories per slice. Mmmm . . . fiber!

#3 Reduced Fat Cresent Rolls/Goldfish Crackers
So #3 is kind of a tie. Kat loves Reduced Fat Crescent Rolls and always has them on hand for quick suppers. I like them too, but I have a harder time not eating the whole batch! So my pick is Goldfish Crackers. I rediscovered these the last time I traveled to SC and I like that one serving takes awhile to eat so I feel like I'm getting more. And look what I found this past weekend!! Where have you guys been??

Not the healthiest, but less messy than the real thing and definitely less fat and temptation!

#2 Reduced Fat Cheese
We like cheese. We don't like fat. Match made in heaven!!

And our #1 pantry staple is . . .

#1 FNF Bars!!
Kat and I have set out to make the blogosphere's best tasting granola bar! We're still working out the kinks, but that just means we have plenty of them in our pantry. Kat posted a pic here.

What are your pantry staples??


  1. Oh man...I too have a weakness for sugar-free pudding and diet root beer. :)

  2. I love reduced fat goldfish...you can eat so many of them for so little calories/fat. They are super fun to serve in soups too! Thanks so much for sharing with me...I love hearing your favorites!

  3. I loved reading about your favorites. My list would include sugar free Jell-O. I like plain with some whipped topping or I mix it with plain nonfat yogurt when it is at the egg white stage. Served in wine glasses it looks pretty good for only a few calories. Pam is also a must have for me. It is less calories than butter or oil and it makes clean up a lot easier. I even spray the inside of my crock pot before I use it.