Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Very Special Simple Sunday

This week's Simple Sunday comes to you in a slightly different format (i.e. no cooking for me!) and was inspired by my very lovely sis-in-law, Lauren!

Lauren is a very hardworking, full-time mother, wife and law student and she also happens to be super sweet! She helped me with that awful Salmon Mousse Disaster, even though she doesn't even like fish!

The other day she commented on Facebook that she was so caught up with her studies that she worked right through dinner and all of the sudden it was 11 o'clock. What's a tired, overworked law student to do for dinner at 11 PM? Eat some Combos!

I laughed pretended to be shocked (trust me, I've heard worse!) and 'fessed up moments I'm less than proud of (Hershey's Kisses and Diet Coke for dinner, anyone??). If I lived in SC , I would whip up some healthy casseroles and tasty sides and toss them in her fridge for those late nights, but now that I live in TX, that's geographically unrealistic. I did want to send her some super simple, quick dinner options to help fuel her way through her studies. Please note I'm not doing this because I'm a dietitian and (people think) we're the Food Police, but because I love Lauren and her family and I think that good nutrition can do nothing but help (with school, health and life in general)!

So here is what I sent in her very special care package, all that is simple and can be prepared in less than five minutes!

I love having breakfast for dinner! I especially like it on the night's when Cody's on call, because I hate having to make a big dinner (and big mess) for just me. So sometimes I'll have some cereal or oatmeal, with some fruit and a boiled egg. I also send some natural peanut butter for a quick PB sandwich. Pair this with some fruit and you've got a filling meal!

Ah, the poor white potato. I feel bad that it seems to have gotten a bad reputation since the whole low carb craze began. Yes, white potatoes have carbs. But they also have fiber and can be super filling (remember Kat's Shrimp Stuffed Twice Baked Potatoes from earlier this week?) And as long as you're not eating the largest potato you can find and make smart stuffing choices, it's a quick and healthy dinner option. I found these broccoli and cheese servings in the freezer section. After a quick spin in the microwave, toss these on your spud and you have a Broc & Cheese Potato. Obviously I can't send the broccoli and cheese in the package, but you get the idea!

I like to keep a couple of frozen entrees and these guys in the cabinet for those days when I want something hot, but don't want to cook. These all are between 350 and 450 calories and have 600 mg of sodium or less. And they don't have to be refrigerated or frozen.

Sometimes, I'm lucky and have leftovers and I like to have some simple sides on hand. I like these little fruit cups because the fruit is in juice not syrup. I love these little cups of brown rice! They only take 60 seconds to cook in the microwave (compared to 45 minutes on the stove) and have less that 200 mg of sodium per serving, which is pretty low for an instant rice product. Most of the flavored varieties are much higher.

And a little something sweet for dessert. Kat and I are CRAZY for sugar free puddings! They're full of sweetness, but low on calories. Top it with some fat free whip cream and you have dessert for under 100 calories!

I sent some Crystal Light just because I'm OBSESSED with the fruit punch flavor right now and wanted to share it. Seriously, I think I could drink the whole 2 quarts if I didn't pace myself. every time I drink it, I feel like I'm seven years old again! The only thing missing is cookies and recess! I tossed in this coffee just because I had it. I think I had a coupon for one box free and it's just been sitting in my cabinet for awhile. But it's instant, so it fits in with my simple theme.

I added some snack bars just because I like snacks and bars. These are just a couple I have on hand in my office and purse for those moments I'm starving and lunch is still hours away.

I included a little note to explain why I'm sending her a box of food . . .

And sent it off to South Carolina, with love!

I hope you're enjoying your Sunday!


  1. Awww! I started crying when I saw this! You are so sweet! I love, love, love this! I love you!

  2. Laura, you are so sweet, and I know that your precious sister-in-law was blessed. You have such a beautiful heart!

  3. What a wonderful, loving sister-in-law you are! That was such a thoughtful gift. Lauren can't stop raving about it.

  4. I went to high school with Lauren and she was always super sweet and full of laughter.I am so glad you see her for who she is and love her so much! i am blessed with wonderful sisters-in-law and it warms my heart to see people share love.In other words....You ROCK!!! Lindsay Robinson

  5. I was happy to do it! I had so much fun picking everything out and cramming it into that box. I'm so glad she enjoyed it, she deserves some fun!