Saturday, August 21, 2010

Should Have Been Simple Sunday

So I actually attempted to start this blog entry on Saturday night :(

I was supposed to post a great simple Sunday blog about red fish. Well as you can tell, a red fish entry was never posted. My hubby and I went out of town early Friday afternoon and I figured I would just find something from Boerne, TX to post about.

There were many wonderful things about our trip to write about...none of which were really healthy. It all started with Dairy Queen on our drive there, Boerne Bakery "pigs, hogs and cheese pockets," soggy sandwiches and beer during our river float, a delicious steak, rib, salad and bean dinner prepared by our host, ending with another "pig, hog and cheese pocket breakfast."

With all of those wonderful foods you would have thought that I would have posted something. Well I had no idea you can't use blogger on your iPhone! I had taken several great pics and couldn't load them, nor could I write anything in the text section! Thus I had no way to post my Sunday Funday foods!

Even though I skipped out on my weekend post, I promise to make sure you get the great Red Fish recipe I had planned. Look for it this Saturday. As for today, I think Laura has a great post up her sleeve that should be up around lunchtime...enjoy!

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