Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Definitely Not a Bust!

Rusty and I love to eat seafood...I however, do not love salmon. Therefore, I was not so thrilled to try these salmon croquettes. The only redeeming factor for this recipe was that it was just like crab cakes, without the crab.

I particularly enjoyed this recipe because it required very few ingredients. So many of our new and improved recipes call for every ingredient, pot and pan in your kitchen. That is not something I want to come home to...and as my husband knows....I HATE DOING DISHES!

Four medium patties....

One complaint I did have, was that they kept falling apart. I think if they were deep fried they would have stuck together, but that defeats the whole purpose of this blog :(

I chose the 2 patties that were the prettiest...Sorry Rusty!

The recipe is not very low calorie. The fat was decreased simply because I didn;t deep fry these little guys. Also, you get more fiber using high fiber bread for your crumbs. I ended up eating two of the patties, but 1 probably would have been satisfying. Here are the facts:

Taste: Seconds Please

Waist: Pull out the sweatpants (if you want 2)

Salmon Cakes

2 cans salmon
1/4 cup egg substitute
2 tbsp Green Onions, chopped
1 high fiber sandwich thin, processed to fine crumbs
1 tbsp canola oil

Mix all ingredients except the the canola oil and 4 tbsp bread crumbs. Form the mixture into patties. Roll in bread crumbs. Pan fry in the canola oil in a medium frying pan. Cook until the outside is crispy and the inside is heated through. Flip halfway through cooking.


  1. What size can of salmon are you using in this recipe? Your recipe reminds me of a Jane Brody salmon cake recipe we really like. She adds some lemon juice to the mixture before forming it into patties, and then she bakes them in a hot oven. I serve them with Ellie Krieger's Smarter Tarter Sauce. I like salmon cakes because you can mix them up and even form the patties, then refrigerate them until you are ready to cook them, and canned salmon is a cheaper than fresh salmon.

  2. A adore crab cakes, and these salmon cakes look equally good. I've seen cans for salmon at the store but have yet to try one. I'm excited to have a recipe to use!