Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We Like to Eat, Y'all

Welcome to Foodies Not Fatties! This blog was created to take recipes that are delicious and amazing and tweak them to make them a little bit healthier.

As Registered Dietitians (RDs), we have our “go-to” foods that we love to promote for their impact on our health. We encourage whole grains and fiber for intestinal and heart health, like whole wheat bread and quinoa. Low calorie, nutrient dense foods like fresh fruits and vegetables are integral in weight management. Heart healthy fats like salmon and avocado make us smile.

But then there are our REAL favorite foods. Foods that we would eat every night if we didn’t know their effect on our health and didn’t care if our pants fit us or not. Sure, we may be eating Lean Cuisine pizzas, but that doesn’t mean we don’t secretly wish it was real pizza. The kind that’s heavy from all the toppings, with a crust that’s shiny with butter and loaded with full fat cheese and pepperoni.

That’s where this blog comes in. Kat and I spend a huge chunk of our time talking about foods that we love but don’t eat that often because the recipes don’t jive with our desire to be healthy (and fit in our pants). So we decided we would make it our mission to unite the principles of nutrition with the decadent recipes of one of our all time favorite TV chefs. A chef whose food makes our stomachs grumble with her cookbooks and our salivary glands tingle when we see her food on TV. A chef who also appears to be very fond of butter, sour cream and mayonnaise. Yes, we are talking about Paula Deen, the quintessential cook who introduced us to the amazing world of Southern cuisine.

Kat stumbled across the Top 100 Recipes from Paula’s Home Cooking (see all 100 of them here: http://www.foodnetwork.com/paulas-home-cooking/recipes/index.html) that launched this crazy ride. We’re going to make some easy modifications to these recipes to make them healthier (in terms of calories, fat, fiber and sodium) and give you our verdict on the final product.

We’re glad you’re here and hope you stick around for the fun!


  1. Hi, I'm an undergrad dietetic major and was wondering what sort of summer intern type things, if any, you did while you were in school and how I should go about finding something?


  2. We'd love to share our thoughts, but there's more than we can fit in a comment! You're welcome to email us (foodiesnotfatties@gmail.com) and we can chat! Thanks for stopping by!