Saturday, July 24, 2010

Our Rating Scale

We got a request from a loyal reader (Kat's hubby; shout out to Rusty!) to have some kind of rating scale to show just how healthy and delicious our recipes are. We usually have a rough estimate of how healthful something is because we work with nutrition labels everyday, but we also wanted to make sure our readers have a very clear idea of how healthy our recipes are or if they're something you should save for a special occasion.

From now on, we'll be ranking our recipes with our Taste/Waist Scale.

First we'll rank our recipe based on taste:
-If the final product is horrible (think Kat's attempt at a meatloaf makeover), it's rating is I'll Pass!
-If the final product is just so-so, it's rating is I guess I'll eat it...
-If the final product is over-the-moon-amazing, it's rating is Seconds, Please!

Next we'll rate how healthy the recipe make over is (and it's affect on our waistline!):
-If our recipe modification doesn't lower the calories, fat or sodium very much (like when I tried to lighten up a recipe for Chicken Sticks), it's rating is Get Out the Sweat Pants!
-If our recipe modification is a mild improvement but still high enough to be considered an indulgent food, it's rating is May Need to Unbutton My Pants...
-If our recipe modification turns out to be significantly lower in calories, fat or sodium, it's rating is Tighten Your Belt a Notch!

We hope this helps you when your considering testing out one of our recipes! Let us know what you think!


  1. This is a great idea. I look forward to seeing your ratings on future recipes.

  2. I agree...this is great! It is important to find the balance between good tasting food and food that helps nourish your body. I've found that some of the most nutritious foods now taste the best to me!