Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dog Days of Summer, Volume II

I love my husband very much…but I also love my four legged children! This Saturday is another day to showcase our loved ones.

Even before Rusty and I were married, I was dying to get a dog. I have always grown up around animals, be it rabbits, horses, cows, ducks, dogs or cats, and I was tired of being pet free. Rusty and I ended up waiting to get dogs until we were somewhat “settled” in Dallas. Once we knew when, we had to decide what. I have ALWAYS wanted a Westie. Rusty, however, didn’t know what he wanted. During our decision making process he would throw out different breeds…anything but a Westie. He didn’t have a reason to not get a Westie he just wanted something else. I had a hard time accepting that even though I had ALWAYS wanted a Westie, we were going to get some random breed that he never had any dreams/passion/desire etc etc to get. Thus we ended up with 2 children instead of one.

The first boy we got was Riley. He arrived via plane from Indianapolis. It was love at first sight!

Our second “flying son” came from Arkansas.

Surprisingly the boys got along quite well…

And grew up much quicker than we would have liked…

While they were growing up they did lots of funny things, most we tried to catch on camera, but some of our favorites are only memories :(

No matter how silly, disobedient, dirty or loud these boys may be … they will always be our “sons.”

Hope you enjoyed meeting the Chiles! Have a great Saturday!


  1. How precious! You made me want to get a dog! Unfortunately, Ryan and I are moving quite often and we are probably going to wait until we settle down a bit more. I'll have to keep on checking your site for more puppy pictures!

  2. Aww, your dogs are so cute! I always wanted a westie too (I still kind of do, but one four-legged child in a small apartment is enough!), but ended up with a 90 pound Rottie mix instead. He's a lot bigger than what we were originally looking for, but once my boyfriend and I met him I knew we just had to take him home.

  3. So cute! I met a westie in our neighborhood the other night. His mom said that he is the third westie she had owned. She said they are so smart and loving dogs that is the only breed she has ever been interested in. I would love a dog. We are cat people for now until we have a backyard again!

  4. Thanks! I love him too. Riley has been a great dog and is very smart...sometimes too smart! Have a great weekend!

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