Tuesday, September 14, 2010

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

It’s that time again! It’s Top 10 Tuesday! Instead of going the food route, I thought I would share a list of a few of my favorite things, just to mix it up! I originally was going to do Top 5, but what can I say, I like a lot of things!

10. Getting mail
I remember when I was younger I used to check the mail everyday and when I didn’t get anything my mom would ask, “Well, have you written anybody?” Of course the answer was no, but I still felt left out. I still don’t write anybody, with the exception of my grandparents, but I love the joy of opening a full mailbox! I don’t love bills, but I like getting an envelope or package addressed just to me!

9. Movies that don’t make me think
My life requires enough thinking as it is! I hate it when I see a movie and it has one of those open ending where there’s no concrete resolution. When I walk away from a movie, I want to have some sense of completion and I don’t want to waste a lot of brain space obsessing about what could have happened. I need a “The End” that's legit.

8. The smell of wet cement when it first starts to rain
I don’t know if I can explain this one, but I just love the smell of the asphalt when it rains, but only for the first couple of minutes. Am I crazy? Does anyone else know the smell I’m talking about??

7. Looking in other people’s refrigerators
I know it’s weird, but I love snooping in other people’s kitchens. I don’t watch Cribs anymore because it makes me feel poor, but my favorite part of each segment was always when the celebs opened their fridge and you could see all their goodies. But don’t worry, I just like to look, I won’t judge you if you have junk food!

6. My girls
I love, love, love coming home to two happy dogs! They just brighten my day. These pups are my kids! They have two very different personalities but I love them both.

5. My fam!
Of course my family makes my Top 10 List! They taste my food disasters (remember my Salmon Jell-o disaster?), they always read the blog and are super supportive of anything I do. My mom and brother even helped me drive halfway across the country when I moved to TX; They helped unload an entire U-haul up 3 flights of stairs, in Texas heat, in the middle of AUGUST! Now that’s love! And they’ve given me some great childhood memories! Like I used to believe that there was a Cake Fairy until I was 10. I used to put a bunch of lights from a Lite Brite game (remember those?!) in a pan and put it in the “oven” (the cupboard) and “bake” it for a couple hours and every once in awhile, the Cake Fairy (Dad) would swing by and leave me a real cake! How awesome is that? I wonder if Monet had a Cake Fairy as a child to inspire her inner baker because she creates some fantastic looking sweets!!

4. My boo
What can I say? I love this guy. He eats my food without complaining, he humors my hypochondriac nature and gives me the warm and fuzzies!

3. Dirty Jokes
I know it’s juvenile, but I love me some inappropriate humor! When Kat and I were on our little field trip this past weekend, we were talking about how much we giggle like second graders when we see signs like, “Extra parking in rear,” or “Express Lube . . . Get In and Get Out.”

2. Taking naps
No explanation needed here. Who doesn’t like taking naps?!

1. Pizza and donuts
Okay, I know I said this was going to be a non-foodie post, but I’m making an exception pizza and donuts. They are my absolute favorite foods of all time. I don’t eat them that often because obviously they’re not the healthiest, but when I do have one or the other, I am in heaven for every second of that meal. I’ll find myself planning my pizza toppings during the day if I know I’m ordering at pizza that night. Or after I’ve had an extra delicious donut, I’ll think about how good it was for days! Not very dietitian-y, huh?

What are some of your favorite things??


  1. Oh no! I don't know if your comments are working. I wrote a long list of my favorite things and then an error came up. Sad face.

  2. Number 3 is my favorite...it brings up many good memories of school with our group! Love reading your blog! -Elizabeth

  3. I loved reading your favorite things list. It made me want to go out and mail something to you.

  4. Totally agree on doughnuts being the best food EVER!!! Loving the blog!