Friday, September 17, 2010

Where The Magic Happens, Part II

Since Kat shared her kitchen with you guys last week, I though I'd do the same! I 'fessed up on Tuesday that I love looking in other people's kitchens, I thought it was only fair to give you a peek into my cupboards!

Nothing too exciting. All the fun stuff is in my cupboard (don't worry, it's coming)! That's root beer on the top, Cody loves it. When we got Rooty, I suggested naming her after a food that he likes and I started naming foods he likes to eat. Beef Jerky. Pop Tart. Cereal. Eventually we brainstormed Root Beer and we've been calling Rooty since then.

Since I brought her up, because I love sharing pics of my pups . . .

On to frozen foods . . .

It's kind of cluttered, bu that's because I keep my bread in the freezer. Yes, I said freezer. We don't go through it that fast and this way it doesn't get all moldy. And my toaster has a defrost setting, so it works out. And I know I did a post a long time ago about making your own Popsicles, but I have some sugar free (for me) and regular (for Cody) in case I don't make them using my mold. You can never have too many Popsicle in Houston, TX.

On to the pantry!

A little closer . . .

My spice bucket really needs a makeover. Everything is just tossed in there, it's a mess!

Hope you enjoyed the raiding my fridge! I try to find a balance of health and taste and economy with a splash of a splurge every once in awhile. I'm a one stop shopper kind of gal so I know you can get healthy food from a regular grocery store.

What's in your fridge? And how do you store your spices?


  1. Everything looks so neat and organized. Guess I had better clean out my refrigerator and cupboards before you visit. My spices are on a narrow shelves above the kitchen counters. My Dad built them for me and it allow me to keep everything in a pretty much alphabetic order.

  2. Like Donna said....everything looks so organized! I loved taking a peek into your pantry and into your fridge. I would hate for you to see mine now...I need to do a clean-up! I hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Well, I have to confess, I did a lot of straightening before I snapped my pics! I didn't remove or add any foods, but I made sure it looked clean. I felt like I really needed to after Kat shared pics of her SPOTLESS house! It's always super clean when I go over, but when I leave the kitchen's always a disaster. Sorry, Kat!