Friday, September 3, 2010

Crazy For Coconuts!!

Today Laura and I are having a belated Happy National Coconut Day Celebration! We are really using this day as a great excuse to try some of our fellow bloggers like Kath's favorite oatmeal condiment and one of her favorite refueling drinks.

What is your thought on the coconut craze?

The first taste test will be of some coconut waters. Each are about one carb serving (~15g). The unique thing about these beverages, particularly the coconut juice, is that it is considered "isotonic." Basically that the beverage has similar concentration of solute particles that your blood has. Isotonic fluids are helpful in rehydration after a workout. They are not high in carbohydrates so they do not provide as many calories as a hypertonic drink. We will have to leave some feedback on the taste of these two coconut beverages after we give them a try.

Our second taste test will be coconut butter (CCB as Laura calls it!). One of our favorite bloggers, Kath, often uses this as an "icing" like topper on her morning oatmeal. It absolutely looks like a dreamy topping and the way Kath describes it, it sounds amazing. Our only main concern is the amount of saturated fat is in each tablespoon. There are 8g of saturated fat for each tablespoon! High intakes of saturated fat can lead to cardiovascular disease. Now we aren't saying that everybody who eats coconut butter is asking for a coronary. If you eat coconut butter or other high saturated fat items, try to eat them in moderation as part of an otherwise heart healthy diet.
Again, we are both looking forward to giving this creamy treat a try today. I believe Laura has cooked up some yummo zucchini cupcake for use to use as our CCB sponge.

As another coconut treat, I made some not so healthy German chocolate cake cupcakes for us to get a little extra coconut in our diet today. We will definitely post a few follow up comments as we try these yummo coconut treats today.

Have a happy Friday!!!!!


  1. Happy Coconut Day! I know that I sure do love my coconut sprinkled on top of brownies...but I've yet to try the water or the oil

  2. Don't do it! We were shocked at how unpalatable the coconut butter was! We tried adding sugar, but it just ruined my already so-so zucchini cupcakes! Plus, it's SOOO high in saturated fat, it's not worth it!

  3. I love coconut also, but think I will pass on the coconut butter. I haven't seen it in the stores, but maybe I just don't know where to look.