Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Top Ten...I mean 5 Tuesday

This month we are dedicating Tuesday to our Top 5 _____. This Tuesday I am writing about my 5 favorite things as a dietitian.

I am putting this at number 5 simply because I have a love/hate relationship with exercise. I don't love the feeling I have in the pit of my stomach when I get ready to head to the gym. Typically I am having a conversation in my head that goes a little like this: "Hmm I mean I am really tired" or "I can't find a shirt that goes with my running shorts (yes I like to color coordinate)" or "I am sure I can just do this tomorrow" or "didn't my walking at work count as exercise?" The list could go on and on. The redeeming factor of exercise is how it makes me feel. Even if I have had a cruddy day or if I absolutely went to the gym kicking and screaming, I always feel awesome when I leave. Not only are there health benefits like burning fat and building muscle but you release endorphins....enter Legally Blonde line here :)

4) Water
Good old H20! I know there are all kinds of "super power" drinks out there, but I feel like nothing beats water. I actually CRAVE water...maybe not all day, but the first thing I do before I hit the floor to see my patients, is drink almost 32 oz of yummy, delicious, refreshing water. If you haven't had a great glass or bottle of water lately, I urge you to put down your $5 bottle of fancy flavored promises and have a date with your old friend water!

3) Fruit
Notice I didn't say fruit and vegetables. I don't really love vegetables. I don;t hate them, I just don't absolutely love them. I think part of that dilemma is that I am not that creative or good at cooking them. I find myself simply steaming, baking or boiling them. I think I need to channel my inner Kath or Caitlin to actually come up with unique veggie dishes....now on to my favorite FRUIT!!! I have a ridiculous sweet tooth. I would love to blame this on my grandmother, who when I was a wee child, would sneak us into the kitchen for late night mini sundaes :) Unfortunately I think it is simply just part of my being that I struggle with everyday. This is why I LOVE fruit. Laura knows I have fruit with every lunch and dinner, and sometimes even as a snack. It is a great way to fill that sweet craving without really overindulging.

2) Carb and Protein Snacks!
I always stress to my patients, if you have a meal or snack, ALWAYS add protein. Lately this has become one of my favorite things! I have started packing a variety of snacks. My absolute favorite has been a medium banana with 1-2 tablespoons of Smart Balance Peanut Butter....or maybe now Justin's Chocolate Peanut Butter. I have also enjoyed having light cheese and crackers, or low fat vanilla wafers and PB! Not only to I love putting these combos together but I simply love having a little something to nibble on every 4 hours. I love to eat, so snack time keeps me sane....and a little bit thinner :)

1) Food Journaling
This is absolutely my #1 favorite thing! Food journaling is definitely not for everyone, but does work for a lot of people. For me, it is a way to keep myself accountable. Thanks to genetics and my upbringing, food has always been a struggle for me. It has never been a struggle to love delicious or even healthy foods, it has just been a matter of how much I would eat. What helps keep me on track everyday is writing down what I eat. Everything I put in my mouth goes on paper (or now my iPhone). I am able to assess what I have eaten and typically try to make changes accordingly. It may be a little OCD for some of you, but for anybody who is stuck in a rut I highly recommend giving it a try!

Hope you have enjoyed finding out a little bit about what I am about. There will be lots of great recipes to try out this week as well. Join us next Tuesday for Laura's edition of Top 5 Tuesday!

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