Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Top 5 Tuesday....very appropriate

So today I was supposed to write about the the top 5-10 things you didn't know about me. Well, I only have 5 easily workable fingers, so in an effort to give them and my brain a breather, I thought I might share with you a few of my worst accidents, ending with my recent cheffing accident on Sunday.

5. Falling off my horse

I have done this a million times!!! I don't have a horse anymore, but I grew up riding from a very young age. My most memorable occurrence, happened just before I was to go over a jump. My horse bucked and I ended up going over the jump side saddle. Once on the other side I bailed, but my horse still got a kick in for good measure. This kick landed right on the inside of my thigh. I ended up with a beautiful horseshoe shaped bruise. Hmph.

4. Finger slammed in the door when I was a kid
This may not sound like a big deal, but I still have a deformed middle finger. When I was a child I guess I had a few CRAZY friends. When I was visiting a friend who will remain nameless, she decided it would be awesome to grab my hand, stick it in the door, and slam the door. Of course I ran off screaming, but to this day, I have a big old lump on my middle finger from her CRAZINESS!

3. Stubbing my toe
Now I know this one doesn't sound like a big deal....but it really was. I was walking around my college campus with some friends, enjoying the beautiful weather. There are also HUGE beautiful oak trees...that's roots have pushed up parts of the sidewalk. Well in my flip flops I slammed my toe into a huge outcropping of concrete. I ended up scraping off a decent portion of my toe, having to go to the campus clinic to have it debrieded and worst of all....MISSED A MAROON 5 CONCERT! My toe hurt so bad from the pressure of it hanging down, that I couldn't bear the idea of actually walking to a concert and standing there. Hopefully one day I can make that one up to the hubs :)

2. Breaking my arm
This one is actually kind of funny to me. As a kid I used to love to play wrestle with my dad. Well one night we were wrestling so hard I fell off my bed. It was only about 2 feet off the ground but I knew immediately that something was wrong. My parents, however, did not! They made me lay in bed with my arm, on a pillow covered with a bag of ice. When I woke up the next morning and my arm was swollen...AND COULDN'T BEND, they too me to the ER. At least I got an awesome hot pink cast!

1. Most recently, getting 4 stitches for making chicken noodle soup :(
This one is still a pain! I was making chicken noodle soup, a la Paula, and thought I would love to have uniform, thin carrot slices. Instead of pulling out my mandolin, I used my cheese grater (on the thicker slice side). Well, these carrots were tough.. the carrot got stuck, my hand did not and I ended up with a HUGE gash on my index finger, just below the knuckle. Now I will spare you further details, because if Laura is reading this right now she is probably getting queasy, and if she were there that night, I would have had to have taken her to the ER with me for unconsciousness! All in all, I have 4 stitches, won't need surgery and have an awesome big bandage that covers my whole hand. I did end up going home and finishing the soup, with the help of the hubs...and it was AWESOME!

Even though it is a strange topic, it was fresh on my mind! Hope y'all enjoyed this and I will post the soup recipe later this week!

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  1. Bless your heart! I have had some kitchen accidents myself, and I always get a bit nauseous even thinking about them. I hope your hand recovers quickly...it can be such a pain to cook when you have an injury like that!