Sunday, September 26, 2010

(Imagine) Sandwich Sunday

Wow, I feel a lot of pressure. Pressure to top Kat's Grilled Basil Panini Sandwich from last week that looked amazing. How can I top her sandwich?? How about with chocolate! Mmmm, warm, gooey chocolate . . . Nothing beats chocolate!!

I found this recipe for Dark Chocolate Banana S'mores in Fitness Magazine and just adapted it with what I had on hand. I know what you're thinking, s'mores aren't sandwiches, right? But really, what is a sandwich? It's something yummy between two slices of starch. Sounds a lot like s'mores to me . . .

I found the perfect sandwich, I made it (twice!) and it was wonderful! Only now that I'm posting it, I realize I can't find my pictures anywhere! I think I might have accidentally deleted them when I was cleaning up my camera files. Argh!!! Why can't I accidentally delete my Salmon Mousse Pictures or the horrible Goulash I made??

I grilled up my bananas with a thin smear of Smart Balance and I don't think I ever appreciated grilled fruit until I saw my lovely caramelized bananas! Oh, it was so pretty, I'm devastated I don't have my pics to share.

Anyhoo, I assembled my first banana s'more just like you would a regular s'more. But the banana was so hot it melted the chocolate really fast when I bit down and warm chocolate sauce dripped everywhere! It got on my shirt, in my hair, somehow it even got on my bra.

The second time I made it, I served it open-faced and it was much easier (and cleaner!) to eat.

So even though I don't have any pictures to share, I know I'll be making these again and then I'll be share to snap pics and post them immediately!!

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  1. I adore caramelized bananas. And even though you don't have any pictures...I can totally imagine how great this must taste (and look!). Thank you for sharing the idea with me.